Composite Granite Kitchen Sinks by Lavello

Lavello sinks
for you

Thicker & more durable

Lavello's premium granite sinks are thicker than others. It makes them more durable and more resistant to high temperatures and thermal shock.

Made to order

Customize the sink to your needs. Choose the color, side of the drainer and the number and distribution of drill holes (we will make them for you for FREE).

Euro CE certified

Lavello's quality sinks meet the highest norms of the EU and have a Euro CE certificate meaning they are safe for people and environment.

Buyer's protection

10 years of warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, 7 days to report damage during transportation

International sales

Available in 6 countries

Lavello's premium kitchen granite sinks are available in 6 european countries and have been installed in over 65 thousand kitchens.

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You are always covered

  • known and secure payment options
  • insured package
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 10 year-warranty
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What you should know before buying a sink
A complete guide

Zlewozmywak Diamond

From this guide you will learn:

  • where not to install a sink
  • what the uses of a small bowl in 1,5 bowl sinks are
  • why you should opt for a granite sink with ready-made holes for the installation of taps and accessories
  • in what situations the sink will not fit into the cabinet (to which it was intended)
  • what table top material will be best for overlay sinks and for suspended sinks
  • what the best way to choose the colour of a granite sink is
  • what to pay special attention to when choosing a kitchen faucet
  • how to clean a granite sink

Let's answer these questions.